Streamlining Processes for Effective Portfolio Management & Governance


Disjointed processes and misaligned planning objectives created rework and duplication in a large business unit of a Fortune 500 company. Keenan Reid Strategies was brought in to partner with a Portfolio Management & Governance team to architect and develop processes that harmonize different aspects of the business into a seamless framework to solve this problem. We optimized semesterly planning, portfolio roadmapping, engineering prioritization, and lifecycle management processes to streamline operations.


As a part of this work, we:

  1. Crafted a 36-Month Portfolio Roadmap:
    We created a comprehensive 36-month portfolio roadmap that incorporated both current portfolio inputs and long-term strategic priorities. The roadmap was further broken down into 18-month and 12-month views, to provide clarity and transparency across the organization.
  2. Architected a Cross-Functional Engineering Prioritization Process:
    To streamline cross-functional engineering prioritization, we formulated an internal process that included the intake, backlog, and prioritization inputs. This process was designed to accommodate the engineering requirements while aligning with the overarching roadmap. This seamless integration ensured that engineering efforts contributed directly to the strategic goals, and were prioritized using defined criteria.
  3. Developed an Operating Model to provide a holistic approach to Portfolio Management & Governance:
    We created an operating model for coordination across sub-teams within the business unit. This model outlined how different components interacted, ensuring a harmonious workflow that optimized efficiency and productivity. The operating model served as a guide for the implementation of the revamped processes and ensured that the efforts of various teams were aligned towards common objectives.


The refined processes allowed for better alignment, improved collaboration, and more efficient resource utilization, culminating in increased revenue and cost savings. Keenan Reid Strategies catalyzed change by reimagining these processes, and drove scale by streamlining operations.

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