More than ever,
every metric matters

As an enterprise leader, you need an expert who can help you reach those goals.

We’ll match you with an independent management consultant who will look out for your team’s KPIs – and for you.

Because your metrics do matter. But to us, helping you succeed personally matters most of all.

Higher standards are
now within reach

Traditional consulting models are out-of-reach for leaders outside the C-suite.

Our fractional model gives you access to the elite talent you need by pairing you with top-tier independent management consultants who thrive at targeted initiatives.

We rigorously vet our experts to ensure they’re as experienced and devoted as your project calls for.

Trade ambiguity for clarity

From growth initiatives to cost efficiencies and every challenge in between, you need someone by your side who can get granular in service of the big picture.

Fortunately for you, your dedicated partner thrives in the weeds – all while maintaining a bird’s-eye view of your goals.


Building a community of niche experts for every problem

– Lauren Wambold Patel, Founder of Keenan Reid

As a Boston Consulting Group alum and management consultant, I made the leap to a solo practice to focus on the niche projects I loved best.

Clients frequently asked for independent experts like me in other fields. So I began growing a referral network of former McKinsey, Bain, BCG, and PwC management consultants.

Meanwhile, many of my peers were seeking a deeper connection to their work, more flexibility to travel or be with family, and a sense of community they’d lost in going solo.

What started as an independent consulting business is now a full-scale firm that brings together Fortune 500 leaders and an elite network of talent. Talent that’s fiercely passionate about lifting all boats and takes a personal stake in your success.

And we do it in a way that’s more accessible, sustainable, and beneficial for all.

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Founding consultant network members

Founding consultant network members

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